Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

If you are disabled, you may qualify for social security disability benefits. However, in many cases, the initial application you submit for these benefits will be denied even if you meet all the requirements. If you are trying to qualify for social security disability, the experienced attorneys at Hosmer King & Royce LLC can help.

About Social Security Disability

Social security disability benefits are designed to provide you with income to live on if you become unable to work because of a permanent disabling condition. If you qualify for these benefits, you may also be able to enroll in Medicare to cover some of your medical expenses.

Qualifying for social security disability is rarely easy and may require one or more appeals. In many cases, applicants must argue their case in court in order to get the benefits they deserve.

Fighting for Disability

If you are in the midst of a fight for disability, having the right lawyer on your side can make all the difference. Regardless of your circumstances, we will take the time to learn about your case, collect all the evidence you need, and help you maximize your chances of success.

To learn more about how we can help with social security disability cases in Southwest Missouri, please contact one of our offices today.