Major Cases

Wrongful Death Claim

We filed a wrongful death suit in Polk County, Missouri against a number of defendants for the murder of our client’s family member. The court awarded our clients five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) in damages that were seemingly uncollectible. While the judgment was awarded in 2003, we have continued to garnish wages and execute on assets from the defendants all across the country in order to satisfy this judgment.

We received a two million dollar ($2,000,000.00) judgment for our client in a wrongful death case in Benton County, Missouri.

We successfully represented the family of a child struck by a motorist while crossing a busy road to board his school bus. The case was resolved against the motorist and the school district for a confidential amount.

Vehicular Injury

An elderly Webster County woman was severely injured due to the careless actions of a driver going down a country road. She suffered multiple injuries and required years of treatment and therapy. Prior to trial, minimal amounts were offered to our client from the opposing party’s insurance company. The case went before a jury that awarded our client $225,000.00 in damages; nearly ten times the insurance coverage available.

Sexual Harassment Claim

We obtained one of the largest jury verdicts in the state of Missouri on a sexual harassment claim. The claim was brought on behalf of a nurse against a medical clinic in Howell County Missouri. The primary offender was the head of the radiology department at the clinic; however, other management personnel was also at fault by virtue of failing to conduct a proper investigation, failing to take action to reprimand the problem employee, and by allowing fellow employees to retaliate against the plaintiff. No settlement offer was made prior to trial. After a trial in federal court, the jury returned a substantial award against the defendants including a punitive damage award in the amount of $300,000.00.

Bad House Litigation

A couple moved from out-of-state to Christian County and purchased a new home. Despite the sellers’ assurances to the contrary, they immediately discovered the residential structure was built on the edge of a sinkhole and was subject to severe flooding problems. We took the sellers to court and obtained a judgment requiring the sellers to take back the home and to refund the purchase price of the home including interest for three years.

Assault and Trespass

A bail bond company and its agents were attempting to locate a fugitive who had skipped bond and believed a Greene County woman was harboring the fugitive. They repeatedly came upon the woman’s property after being told to leave. They had police officers search her vehicle and home. They ran her vehicle off the roadway and made threats despite having no evidence that she was hiding the fugitive. This case went to trial on our claims of assault and trespass. After a four day trial, the jury returned a verdict for the woman for her damages and awarded her $150,000.00 in punitive damages. Prior to trial, there was no offer of settlement.

Sexual Abuse

One of the worst injuries a person can suffer is childhood sexual abuse. This firm has helped to aggressively pursue and collect on several cases involving such claims. In 2004, we collected a seven-figure judgment against a father who had sexually abused his daughter for over ten years. No offer of settlement was made before trial.

In 2008, this firm successfully collected $305,000.00 for a minor child who had been sexually abused by a neighbor. This amount was collected despite the defendant’s incarceration and attempts to shield the money in unrelated business entities.

Failure To Report Child Abuse

We received one of Missouri’s ten largest jury verdicts of 2001 in a claim filed under Section 210.115 of the Missouri Statutes. The Plaintiff was a child abused so severely during the first three months of her life that she was in a near vegetative state. The defendants were various health care providers for the child who saw evidence of abuse, including bruises and a fractured skull, but failed to report the injuries to authorities, as required by statute. A substantial settlement was reached with one doctor involved in the child’s care prior to trial. The plaintiff obtained a two million dollar ($2,000,000.00) jury verdict against another of the child’s doctors at trial. This case was important not only for its result but also because it was the first such claim successfully litigated in the State of Missouri.

Drunken Driver Causes Collision

A 56-year-old mother of two was killed when a motorcycle on which she was a passenger, was struck by a driver who crossed the center line. The defendant, driving while intoxicated, lost control and allowed his vehicle to cross the center line, go off the traveled portion of the roadway and slid broadside into the motorcycle. A substantial settlement was reached when all three insurance companies paid their maximum policy limits. In addition, a judgment of $275,000 was entered against the defendants.

We also received a judgment in the amount of $1,500,000.00 on behalf of three young children – and the surviving husband – of a woman who was killed by a negligent driver on Interstate 44 in Webster County, Missouri.